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GENERE: Swedish melodic Death
NIGHTWARD band born in 1997 triggered up by its guitarist Alessandro Battioli as a Melodic Death-Metal band.
On May 1998 they made a 3 songs demo-tape, “BEYOND THE GOLDEN GATES”; in which they played a sort of Swedish Death-Metal In Flames and Dark Tranquillity style but also inspired by bands such as Death and Carcass.
This demo tape received very excellent reviews everywhere, so they earns a “Top- Demo” title on Grind Zone music magazine.
By elapsed time the compositions also evolved in a more personal aggressive and experimental direction. In between 2002/2003 they cut out a new CD “FACE THE FALL” with this renewed line-up: Alessandro Battioli (guitar), Simone Ceron (bass), Francesco Fabris (drum), Giacomo Fusetti (guitar), Davide Ricciuti (voice). This album was also published with the help of CARMELO ORLANDO, voice and mind from the Italian band NOVEMBRE as a special guest.

The songs there included are characterised by a clear Swedish Death-Thrash printing, graced using melodic breaks influenced by Opeth, Soilwork, Death and Carcass from here through a sound and feeling typical of the new modern scene. A really powerful drumming and violent and malicious voices supported all this to the higher level. It is also thanks to this excellent product that the name of NIGHTWARD is now spread over italian and european music magazines and web’zines.
With this background NIGHTWARD start since may 2002 a very profitable live activity around Milan, taking part also to the Perpetual Moonshine Night event at Milano RollingStone two times on end!

Now NIGHTWARDs are working with the drummer Matt Rendina (from Horrid – band with which also Alessandro recorded at Sunlight Studios the album “Reborn In Sin” Deadsun Rec.) and Andrea (Ramon - who introduced in the band sound some keyboards electronic effects and sampled sounds) on new songs. In this way the direction taken is a more straight and aggressive one, even though keeping the technical-melodic printing typical of the band, with a modern feeling belonging from the electronic riffes as well. The new songs they are working on will build up the next CD that will be cut out in the late 2007 produced by Frank Andiver for RISINGWORKS RECORDS.
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