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GENERE: Symphonic Prog Metal
MAYA is a metal band strongly influenced by classic, power, symphonic and prog metal.

The band was formed in 2011 by guitarist Alex Mognoni and he soon picked up drummer Mirco Petocchi and bassist Alessandro Quadrelli, both Alex’s dear old friends.

All the three musicians were previously involved in a project called Holy Gates (from 1998 to 2003) which has had some success with two released albums and a lot of gigs behind as well.

Despite the good work that the guys were doing they felt the need to pick up another member to give the band a new sound. Keyboardist Daniele Chierichetti, member of Guardian Of Fate (Epica tribute band), soon joined the band. His style, strongly ispired by Tuomas Holopainen (Nightwish) and based on classical studies, immediately gave the band a new vision of the tracks adding a modern touch and an orchestral mood to all the compositions.

From the very beginning, the young keyboardist has brought a lot of changes to the band and all the instrumental tracks soon became 9 different songs, each one very well structured and with catchy melodies for a total time of 50 minutes of pure awesomeness.

Just one thing was missed: the vocalist.

In Spring 2012 the band started to think that having a female vocals would have sound great with their music but they ended up rejecting the idea for not being labeled as a Gothic band.

Daniele Abate aka Abba, frontman of Nightglow and one of the most successful male singer of the Italian metal scene, joined the band. Abba wrote all the lyrics for their debut album even though their collaboration has last for one year only.

After several unsuccessful auditions to find another singer, the band decided to collaborate with Alessandro Del Vecchio, a very well known producer and musician in Italy and they picked up Marco Sivo (Planethard, Time Machine, etc.) as a session musician. They finally had the voice for their debut album: The Prophecy Is Broken.

The recording session of the album started in January 2014, at Del Vecchio’s Ivory Tears Studios and The Prophecy Is Broken has officially born & finally saw the light in June, 2014.

Amerigo Vitiello joined the band in September 2014 as the new vocalist.

Now it’s the time! The official album release is fixed for summer 2015.
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